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You could save thousands and get great discounts when you let our relocation experts help you with your move. Begin by searching for what you need in the search bar above, OR, click on one of the  services below to show who we recommend.

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Moving is already traumatic. We understand that. Let us help you with every aspect of the home buying process and take the stress out of it.
From finding the home in the city of your choice to financing it, insuring it, scheduling the moving trucks, getting the lights turned on by our utility concierge, and having your daughter’s room painted in the color she hoped for – our team makes the journey easier.

$3500 off closing costs when you use our recommended realtors, title company and lender.

Get $3,500 OFF your closing costs when you use these three DRE Service Providers together:

  • A recommended Realtor®
  • MTP Mortgage
  • Miller Title of Texas


So ya wanna move to Texas. To the North Dallas or “DFW” area, as they call it. But you’re not quite sure yet which city, suburb, or rural area is for you…

Click on the neighborhoods below to get a feel for where they are on the map, what their schools are like, what are their local attractions, “things to do”, amenities, nature, and more. Next, choose a realtor to help you find the home of your dreams.

Don’t know what to do or where to start for your move??

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